If your new to massage

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If you have never had a massage before, or if you are new to me here is what to expect on your first massage appointment.



Step 1. The Interview


After we meet I will have you fill out a small amount of paper work. Then we will chat for a few minutes where I ask you what you are there for.


Some common reasons people seek massage are: to work with an injury, relieve stress, or preventive maintenance. Of course when you receive a massage you get all three of these benefits. Knowing basically what you are looking for will help me to formulate how to best utilize the time to meet our goals.


Step 3. Disrobing


It is not necessary to shower ahead of the appointment unless you really need to. If there is grit or dirt on the skin it could get rubbed into the pores.


I will leave the room and wash my hands. While I am gone, you will disrobe to your comfort level. For Swedish table style massage, the client usually disrobes completely and then lay on the table under a heavy sheet and blanket. As we address the different issues I uncover the body part that I am working with, always protecting both the client’s and my modesty. Getting naked is not necessary and some of my clientele just go down to their underwear. The most important thing is that the client is able to relax. It is possible to work through wool sweaters and blue jeans, it just changes the technique. The more distractions removed, the better so don’t forget to go to the bathroom ahead of time.


Step 4. On the Table


You will lie on the table underneath the sheet and blanket. Not only is this for respect but also as we relax, we cool as our metabolism drops. Depending on our focus for the session I would direct you to lie on your side, back or stomach. Most often I start out with the client face down because as we are in that position the sinuses usually clog. When you roll over half way through they then have a chance to drain before the end of the session.

After giving you time to get on the table I will come to the door and knock. You then yell for me to come in so I know you are ready. I then check in on your comfort level, how the temperature is for you and place a pillow (bolster) under your ankles.


Step 5. The Work


I have been practicing for quite awhile and have had many bodies under my fingers so I have an idea of what to feel for. However, I am not a mind reader so it is important to remember that the session is for you, and for your goals. Feel free to communicate if anything is too sensitive, or if you would like more pressure. Any feedback helps me to form a picture of what is happening in your body. Feedback is great but it is not necessary that you talk and many clients just zone out, drifting back once in a while to tell me how something is feeling. I, as a rule,  don’t talk unless you do.  I only talk to you if I need to give you direction or if you talk to me. One pattern I’ve noticed is that people tend to chat or have questions for the first half hour and then they zip off to who knows where. Kind of like they are downloading their day so they can focus on themselves.


A fringe benefit of massage is the “unplugging” from it all for an hour.  No phones, no family and no work for the time that we are working together.


Step 6. After the Treatment


When our time is up I will let you know and leave the room to wash my hands. You can take your time as you rise from the table, clothe and open the door when you are ready. I then check in with you and see how things are. It is recommended to drink water after receiving any bodywork. Mainly because most of us are already dehydrated and because when the muscle is tight, waste products build up in them. The massage, in addition to other types of bodywork, flushes these waste products out into your blood. The water helps your kidneys filter them out so they don’t settle someplace else.


Then we set another appointment. If I have any recommendations I might suggest them at this time, otherwise I collect the co-pay or payment and see you the next time.




Tipping? Tipping is not mandatory but if you think I did a job that deserves a boost I always appreciate it.


Music. I try to pick mellow music from many genres. You are welcome to bring your own CD or mp3 player. Everyone has different hearing loss so let me know about volume level for you. Sometimes someone likes to not have music; again it is your preference.