My musical journey

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I suppose I should post a link to some of the noises I have put together over the years and say a bit of my love for music.

My earliest recollections of music are that of being a small boy playing under the table of the German dance club that my parents frequented almost weekly.  Moving my fantasies along in my mind with that 3/4 beat and melody.  My family had an appreciation for music and it was frequently playing in my home.  I was lucky to have an upright piano to play around on growing up and my dad’s Hi Fi with 8-track player, turntable, and cassette deck to start my explorations in recorded music.

Other than the “kid” 45s that came with story books my first cassette tapes were “the greatest hits of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart.”  I loved these collections and would just sit and listen to them over and over.  The progression here is pretty classic I think as I then became aware of the Beatles and Rock & Roll.  This was the beginning of my obsession as an audio file and I began to seek out everything I could.  I can’t say that I like every thing I have ever listened to but I do listen to everything.

I have learned how to play a little percussion, a little guitar and a little piano over the years.  None of these instruments called me to master them and the thought of really making music was far from my mind.  While attending the University of Northern Colorado I took a music appreciation class.  Our final project was to compose a piece using the other members of the class playing whatever instruments we brought.  I was hooked.  The feeling of my creation taking shape was exhilarating, but how often can you get 20 people to play your homemade shakers.

One day a few years later, when I was living in Hawai`i, I went to a friends house.  He showed me his computer program that allowed him to record and layer tracks.  I was in awe.  I felt like I had found what I was looking for and I didn’t even know that I was looking for anything.   Then I embarked on learning the art of computer music.   In many ways it is very difficult and layered.  Not only do you compose, arraigned and play the song, but you also have to mix and master it properly.  I am still fresh on my journey but I learn something new everyday and I have a blast.

My goal is to work with music as much as possible.  I am interested in film scores and peices that tell a story, but try my hand at every style.

Click here to enjoy some of my sonic adventures.