Injuries come about several ways.  Sometimes you know the exact moment it goes down, sometimes you feel it the next day, or even days down the road.  When injury occurs here are a few things to do right away.


Professionals agree the R.I.C.E. concept is the first plan of action when suffering a soft tissue injury. RICE stands for:

Rest :  Basically the tissue ie. your ankle, is inflamed and angry.  Much like a person who is in the same state, the tissue is irrational and reactionary.  Also you don’t keep injuring things until you know what is going on so first thing.  Rest the injured area.

Ice : Lets imagine your body as a neighborhood with different businesses working together to get things done in the “city” of you.  Water, disposal systems and distribution of goods happen throughout a densely complex system of roads and pipes.

Now lets have a 7.5 quake in a neighborhood of our city.  A giant rip, right down the center of town.  You can imagine the confusion.  Waste and water flooding everywhere, citizens trapped, systems on hold.

Our body is not cruel, but the world sure can be, so every injury is treated as a natural disaster with martial law being declared.  Situation gets worse before it can get better.  If only things could cool down a bit.  Here is where ice comes in.

At least 20 minutes (if you can’t make that, every little bit helps) of ice on the injury to get things to calm down.  Honestly people hate ice but if you can make yourself use it in these times you will heal faster and manage your pain better.

The other beauty of using cold is that it overrides and numbs the pain receptors. kind of like turning down the emergency sirens so you can think.

Compression : Touch also overrides the pain receptors and make us feel better and secure.  Appropriate pressure (feels good) on the area will again, help calm things down and add comfort.

Elevation :  This means that you should get the injured area above your heart as much as possible to aid in the drainage of all the flooding that has occurred.

These ideas are helpful in times of over use as well.  Or temperature burns, cuts, sprains and strains.


After things cool down your body will do most of the healing.  Now our job is to help speed things along the way.

Keep Hydrated :  Our skeleton provides most of our shape but the rest of the body is  a system of cells that get there strength and rigidity from fluid. The cells being full make all the blood pathways and nerve pathways have the space they need.  When we get dehydrated the walls collapse, or wilt just like a house plant.  When the plant is wilted it’s leaves can’t as effectively gather light.  When it has water it fills each cell to gain its shape.

In the case of an injury there is a lot of wreckage left behind by the storm.  Drinking enough water will help your body process and clean up the debris.

Eat Well : “colonial we need to air drop supplies right away, cells are dying ..” Simply put if you don’t the supply you just cant get them there.   I am not a nutritionist so I will let you do your own research there.

Reduce Stress : When we are stressed are body’s are ready for action.  This means BATTLE MODE.  Digestive and less important systems are put on hold while energy is diverted to our larger muscle groups.  Power is sent to our eyes and ears to increase sensitivity and our jaw and neck muscles tighten to help protect in case we take a hit. In battle mode it is hard to get much done in regards to healing.

Be Nice to Your Injury / Be Nice to You:  Often I hear people say they “hate their stupid, dumb knee, ankle, hip, nose whatever..” Not to get all hippy but negativity in any situation doesn’t help.  Maybe it wasn’t the poor hurt body part’s fault at all.  Maybe the operator (you?) ignored the check engine light for to long and ran the part into the ground.  Either way, this is your body, so try to LOVE it as much as possible.  You want it to get you far, far down the road.

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